Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA)

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The Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) is a Statutory Body established in 2000 in accordance with the Electricity Act 1999 (Chapter 145, Laws of Uganda) to regulate the generation, transmission, distribution, sale, export and import of electrical energy in Uganda. ERA is responsible for: • Licensing competent operators and owners of Electricity Companies in Uganda’s Electricity Supply Industry. • Reviewing and setting the Electricity tariffs, prices, charges and other terms of supply of electricity after analysis and crucial stakeholder consultation. • Supervising all power companies and ensuring they comply with terms of licenses issued to them by ERA. • Developing / establishing and enforcing sector performance standards. • Advising the Energy Minister on the need for electricity sector projects. • Approving equitable prices leading to fair return on investments for licensees and sustainability of electricity supply, while ensuring reasonable prices for users.

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I hereby submit my humble request for an internship placement in your organisation. Am a second year student persuing a bachelors degree in library a...
I the undersigned here by apply for an internship placement in your Organisation since it’s a university requirement in order for me to graduate. I a...
Internship placement
Request sent to Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) by kaddu maurice on .
Long overdue.
kaddu maurice 03 march 2017 I have written to kindly request you to grant me a place for internship training recess in your organisation for a pe...
Distribution of Electricity
Response by Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) to Silvester Lubwama on .
Partially successful.
Mr. Lubwama, it's quite simple. Please go to the power distributor (Umeme, Ferdsult, Wenreco, PACMECS, BECS, UEDCL, KIL etc.) who serves the area where...
Umeme Ownership
Response by Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) to Sylvia on .
Partially successful.
Sylvia Umeme being a public company, such information should be available in their public documents such as annual reports and their website. Besides...

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