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Response by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Nassanga Lukia on .
Awaiting classification.
Due to big volumes of requests, there is always a deadline for submissions of applications. I therefore regret to inform you that this deadline has lon...
Thanks for your interest in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The list for those who were considered is pinned on the Ministry notice board. Please you...
Thanks Ladan for expressing interest in our Ministry. Unfortunately you have not indicated the period of your interest. For June -August, receiving of...
Internship Placement
Request sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs by ODOKONYERO MAXWELL on .
Long overdue.
Am humbly requesting for an internship placement to do my industrial training in your office.Am a male Ugandan by nationality aged 24yrs old pursui...
Internship Placement
Response by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to OBBO GILBERT BEN on .
Awaiting classification.
Thanks Gilbert for expressing interest to work with us. Due to the high number of requests, a deadline for receiving applications was put in place and...
Thanks Moses, I can only advise you to submit written application to the Human Resource Department as soon as possible. A decision will be taken once...
Seeking Internship Placement at the Ministry
Request sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Linda Aruo on .
Long overdue.
Linda A. Aruo February 14th, 2017 Am a year 2 student pursuing a bachelor of arts in international relations and diplomatic studies from Victoria...
Request for internship placement
Request to Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Ssemaganda Abdulhakim. Annotated by Ssemaganda Abdulhakim on .
Long overdue.
Ssemaganda Abdulhakim 0777956325 0706026623 Cc. Makerere university,school of social sciences Dr. Justus Twesigye PhD School coordinator,inte...
Am Ssebunya Tommy a student of Ndejje University offering BBA second year am requesting to know whether i was given internship because my insitituti...
Student internship placement
Request sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Mabirizi samson on .
Long overdue.
Am mabirizi samson. A student at makerere university in my second year. Am persuing a bachelor's degree in business administration. Humbly am r...
The Nationa Action Plan on Human Rights
Request sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Godfrey on .
Long overdue.
Greetings I wish to be availed a copy of the draft national action plan on human rights as a commitment the government of Uganda made during its...
Uganda's Post2015 process and position
Request sent to Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Gilbert Sendugwa on .
Long overdue.
Kindly provide me with information regarding Uganda's Post2015 process and any draft positions if formulated. Is there plan for public consultations?...

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