A request for internship placement

KALALI DERRICK made this Access to Information request to Parliament of Uganda

Currently waiting for a response from Parliament of Uganda, they must respond promptly and normally no later than (details).


Dear Parliament of Uganda,
I the undersigned here by apply for an internship placement in your company since it’s a university requirement in order for me to graduate. I am a first year student pursuing a degree in telecommunication engineering from Kyambogo University.
I have the abilities to communicate and associate with people and this can help me to work in different telecommunication engineering teams and with people from different backgrounds in order to achieve the company goals and objectives.
If given chance to work with you I will be able to attain more and more skills which will help me in future after the completion of my studies.
I will be great if my application letter is put into your consideration.

Yours faithfully
kalali derrick
A request for internship placement

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