Application for a Volunteer position at CAA IT Department.

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Dear Civil Aviation Authority (CAA),
I write to seek for a volunteer placement at CAA Uganda. I am a Ugandan aged 22 years old, holding a Diploma in Computer Science from Gulu University.
I have knowledge and understanding of professional IT principles, theories and practices. I also understand the different branches of Government of Uganda in order to enhance effective communication. Further, I have strong mathematical background, proficiency in software applications and database, good interpersonal skills and I am able to work in a teamed environment.

I therefore quite believe that my skills and abilities, knowledge and work experience in IT which I gained while at school will allow me to competently and comprehensively handle the tasks as may be assigned to me. My previous experiences in IT field have built my capacity to always be passionate in creating positive and productive work environments, promoting team work and interpersonal skills and holding up high ethical values and principles. These are some of the attributes I intend to come with to CAA, Uganda.

I look forward to hearing from you about the progress of my volunteer application and I will be able to provide more details about my suitability for the duties I would be assigned when I am invited for interview with CAA, Uganda.

Thank you for your time for reading my application.

Yours faithfully,
tel: 256 777184617

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