How long does it take before a police officer gets his gratuity and pension on retirement?

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From: Imma

Dear Uganda Police Force,
How long does it take before a police officer gets his pension and gratuity upon retirement? Is is also prudent for police officers working in the pension and gratuity department to ask for money from retired police officers in order to move there files, I see it as a form of corruption, actually internally that department is the most corrupt, I intend to write an article and also try to instigate an investigation by the IGG. And lastly, I thought all police data is handled using electronic data coze of computers but why does it take long to process some body 's retirement package yet all the paper work is done before retirement, it pains me when you visit head quarters and some body is sitting behind a computer then tells you he can not locate your file coze they want to make money off you yet you are no long working with effect to that how can we be helped. I can not afford to offer money to different police officers each time I come to head quarters in the name of moving my pension file yet it is not a favour by an obligation by government to pay me. Trying to go through the police laws before I write up an article

Yours faithfully,
Emmanuel Okello

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