Laboratory Technicins in Public Universities

musoke robert made this Access to Information request to Ministry of Education and Sports

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From: musoke robert

Dear Ministry of Education and Sports,

I would like to know whether MoE recognizes Laboratory Technicians in public Universities as part of the academic group.

And if not,how does the MoE value Science and Engineering courses where practicals are mandatory to students (Undergraduates,post-graduates,PHD, Professors and Researchers)?

Yours faithfully,
Robert Musoke.

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From: Patrick Muinda
Ministry of Education and Sports

Dear Robert,
The answer to your first question is yes. They are recognized by the
Ministry. Those duly appointed are on Govt. payroll.

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From: musoke robert

Dear Patrick Muinda,
Thank you for your response Patrick,
But i need evidence for that information because i have traversed these universities and it seems it is not true.For example Kyambogo University Laboratory Technicians are support staff category,Mbarara University they are under cleaning services,Makerere University they are lab. custodians.

Please clarify on that.

Yours sincerely,

musoke robert

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