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Ssemaganda Abdulhakim made this Access to Information request to Ministry of East African Community Affairs

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From: Ssemaganda Abdulhakim

Dear Ministry of East African Community Affairs,

Am Ssemaganda Abdulhakim 22years of age hardly working towards achieving a destined goal in my career and being a honored citizen. Am pursuing a bachelor of arts in Social Sciences at makerere university registration number 15/U/12808/Eve majoring in international relations and minor in social administration as my subjects. Am requesting an internship placement that is scheduled June to August 2017 in your organization to acquire me with relevant practical skills and further knowledge in my career and I believe that your organization will impact me such skills to my career. I will be grateful if my request is putin consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Ssemaganda Abdulhakim
[email address]
Cc. School of social sciences, makerere university
Dr. Justus Twesigye,PhD
School coordinator,internship program; 0751422877

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School of social sciences, makerere university. Dr Justis Twesigye,PhD.
School coordinator, internship program
Ssemaganda Abdulhakim

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