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From: Masikoraymond

Dear Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA),

I am just inquiring and asking about the organisation. My concern and value,capability, as a second year student of Makerere University Business School pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Transport and Logistics Management.

Yesterday I was heading to campus from home what came to my mind when I got stack for 2 full hours in jam. This is way I saw causing this if it may be put also into consideration and I thought of writing a book about it

1- I saw more private cars than public cars hence this needs it to reduce people using private cars by offering a lane which public cars use more only and hence this will reduce People using private cars. Also though Thomson downs paradox theory states that more lanes more traffic due to ineffective of it and more often counter productive. But if we like apply transport planning in curitiba brazil where buses or public vechiles use there lanes only and private cars are provided with a little lane hence reducing congestion and jam.

2- There is the modal split theory and the travel demand model which helps forecasting how many people are moving every day

3 - Advocate training to drivers because what causes slot of Congestion is poor driving skills some times.
I will conclude by thanking you since I one day went through your strategic plans which included short term, long term and medium term plans and I was pleased about that.

I will be grateful if my request is put into consideration.
If u would like to reach me contact 0702569557.
Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Masiko Raymond

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