Un fair dismissal from military school

Aheisiibwe Prosperous made this Access to Information request to Uganda Human Rights Commission

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Uganda Human Rights Commission should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

From: Aheisiibwe Prosperous

Dear Uganda Human Rights Commission, l had joined Kaweweta military recruits training school on 15/10/2015. l was there for some time got some typhoid. l went to the hospital and the CI Afande. Okello sent me away from the clinic. Then l went back to regiment and we were sent for Nyasi for thatching Manyatas. From there l felt dizzy while showering. l did not make it back to the school. The good samaritan dropped me in hospitals but they could not assist me because l was in a military uniform saying that they they nolonger attend to people from defence. He dropped me in Kireka goverment hospital where they attended to me. I went back to the school after a week and 3 days but denied me the chance by the same afande. Others were considering it positve, After taking my statement and filing it. l was sent to the regiment but he called me back. Others convinced him that atleast he should let me sleep at the regiment and the sit as a meeting and decide which he refused and convinced the commandant that l am old and may be l have been forced into military by some big officials. l lost my previous job. l feel l need help legally. l managed to get CI's phone number showed him the evidence of my age. I remain Aheisiibwe Prosperous with a bachelors in land surveying and geomatics

Yours faithfully,

Aheisiibwe Prosperousn14

Yours faithfully,

Aheisiibwe Prosperous

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