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Awaiting classification.

Dear Julius. Unfortunately we are not recruiting this year. Probably next year On Mon, Jun 7, 2021, 11:38 Julius <[1][ATI #6785 email]> wrote: Dea...
A request to serve

Awaiting classification.

Ear Yoweri. Thanks for your interest to work with Security. However, the recruitment method a little differs. You may have to wait for UPDF general r...
Am Obalim Godfrey a Patriot who finished Patriotism development course from Entebbe Kigungu, Merryland High school and I have love the force and I wa...
Help me get access to Gen Salim Saleh's office or get his contacts. Thanks Yours faithfully, Ainebyona Moses
Dear Godwin, internship placement is done by application thru the ministry of Defence commissioner Human resouce.
Dear Ivan, that was not a policy passing forum. The officer must have refered to a bill in offing about national security service.
Dear Ministry of Defence / Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF) l have obtained a Diploma course in criminal justice at International career institute...
Not yet comrade
When will the next recruitments be ?? Yours faithfully, Erongu walter

Long overdue.

I would like to join ISO or CMI to serve my country and government. what is the procedure? I tried to join the army at my young age after school but...
Good morning sir?I would like to inquire what it takes for someone to join Airforce Uganda. Thank you for your reply sir.I am Byaruhanga Mos...
Yours faithfully, ELEM EMMANUEL
Am Ugandan aged 22yrs. l would like to know when there is general UPDF recruitment this year? Yours faithfully, Nelson youngdon
To ministry of Defence/ Uganda People's Defence Forces (UPDF); Is there any recruitment this year? I have completed my S.6 this year (2021) But m...
Dear Milton. No recruitment
Am Olivia Nakibirige and a lawyer by professional, I would like to join the intelligence team Yours faithfully, Nakibirige Oliver
I am a Ugandan aged 18years and I would like to inquire about how I can join the Internal Security Organization (ISO Uganda) Yours faithfully, Ss...
I would like to join the intelligence agency and serve my country. Yours faithfully, Wakabala Emma
When could be next recruitment ? Yours faithfully, Turyahabwe Daniel
What do you consider to award someone a rank Yours faithfully, Turyahabwe Daniel

Partially successful.

Dear Daniel. We have not advertised any recruitment yet.
Recruitment dates

Awaiting classification.

Dear, Daniel. I strongly encourage u to first think of being a member of the force. Otherwise,the decisionsa are made by the education committee
Dear Tibaingana, joining the Army is done publicly. When we advitise you will know the details On Wed, 23 Oct 2019, 16:57 tibaingana beatrand <[1][A...
please accept me to meet Gen.salim Saleh or getting his contacts am looking forward to your positive response Yours faithfully, Amiisi Abdulkadiri
Kindly tell me when UPDF recruitment is on this year? Yours faithfully, Rwangomani Ronald T

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