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No, we do not. We only get cadets from those who are already soldiers. Technically called. In-service cadets
Dear George. Gen Sale heads Operation wealth Creation. I advise you go to offices of Operation wealth creation at Kamwokya for further guidance. Take...
Dear Mr Kakuru. Thank you for your initiative. However, the General is an extremely busy man. We advise you visit Operation wealth creation offices i...
I am interested in joining UPDF this year Any sign of recruitment? Yours faithfully, TIBAINGANA BEATRAND

Awaiting classification.

Dear Richard, I advise u wait until you are officially recruited I to the Army. The institution does not take on civillians in main stream work.
Dear Mukisa, we shall announce across all media when to recruit. No date fixed yet.

Partially successful.

Dear Derrick, thanks for expressing interest in joining the UPDF. However, there are rules that must be followed not just addimiting. Lt Col Deo Akii...
Cadet recruitment

Awaiting classification.

Dear Daniel, we no longer recruit civilians as cadet. The policy changed to in-service cadet. You can only join through general recruitment. However,...
Dear Evans. Uganda Airforce is part of UPDF. Therefore you need cretaria for joining UPDF. Lt Col Deo Akiiki Deputy Defence Spokesperson P.O.BOX 37...
To meet general salim saleh

Awaiting internal review.

May you help me and provide me with General Salim Saleh contacts. Am Migisha KAGGWA at +256784068490 Thank you.
When will the next recruitment be? Yours faithfully, Ariko Stephen

Long overdue.

jobs in the ministry Yours faithfully, Rodgers
Dear Daniel. Due to covid 19. We are not doing any recruitment.
Dear Engr Thomas, we are currently not planning any recruitment due to Covid 19
I am Mayanja, a son to deceased soldier in 2008 by the names of Mayanja John Baker under the marine bass barracks in Entebbe. I am requesting the go...
Dear Justus, thank you for your interest to work with us. As per public service rules and government, all jobs are supposed to be advertised first in...
Job opportunity

Awaiting internal review.

Yes I understand that sir I was inquiring if the UPDF has/uses economist Yours sincerely, Peter odongo

Awaiting classification.

Dear Tweaigye, thanks for your interest to join UPDF, however due to covid 19, we shall not recruit this year. In case of any recruitment may be in t...
Dear Allan, there is no more direct cadet recruitment. All is inservice On Wed, 18 Dec 2019, 10:00 Ogwal allan <[1][ATI #4334 email] wrote: Dear Mi...
I need to know

Awaiting classification.

Dear Lawrence. Thank you for contacting Ministry of Defence and Veteran affairs. Dr Bright Rwamirama was replaced by Hon Christopher Kibanzanga
Dear Gerald. Go the college physically for more advice
Next Recruitment 2020/2021

Awaiting classification.

Dear Jude. We don't have any recruitment plan this year.
I'm requesting for a job in HIV counselling or community support Yours faithfully, Linda isabirye
Dear Faisal. Unfortunately there is no any advertised vacancy in that line. Secondly, always reach out to know more about the ministry and what it is...

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