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I'm currently seeking employment as an electrician in your technical department. Holding a diploma in electrical installation work. Peter Kayongo...
Dear Ambrose, congratulations upon finishing your certificate. The UPDF recruitment exercise ended recently. We shall recruit again in the next two o...
Reach out to the PRO NEC Mr James Katongana for further guidance on +256 777 517120
Dear Nani, thanks for your concern, however, your statemet is not clear on which crimes these soldiers commit.  Col Deo Akiiki Directorate of Inform...
Dear Latif, the process of joining UPDF is through a national general recruitment exercise based on quota system. Therefore individuals can't join th...
Hello this is ojilong emmanuel the son to late okello nackelet,ARMY NO:RA:28845 I would like to make aclaim his pension and here is the a/c no:32020955...
RE: JOINING UPDF I humbly submit my request into your esteemed office mentioned in the reference above. I am a Ugandan nationality and birth, twenty...
Industrial training request

Awaiting classification.

Dear Pascal, your request has to be put in writing and physically delivered to Ministry of Defence headquarters office of Human resource Col Deo Akii...
I humbly request you to put my request to meet general Muhoozi Kainerugaba as soon as possible because it is really urgent Yours faithfully, Bal...

Awaiting classification.

Dear Felix, present evidence of your allegations to office of DISO and we shall follow up.  Col Deo Akiiki Directorate of Information and Public Rel...
Job application

Awaiting classification.

Dear, Rati . It is now over a week since we advertised. 
An inquiry

Awaiting classification.

Keep on the dates
Dear Linda, reach out to the team you will be guided accordingly
Dear Arnold. Report to the centre you will be advised
Am requesting to know the number of people to be recruited per district Yours faithfully, Mugizi Remegio
Dear Patrick, you have a personal choice to make. Ours is to make you a soldier who can serve his country beyond self

Awaiting classification.

Follow what is written. And keep attention to those announcements
Dear Arnold. Being registered is different from having a national ID

Awaiting classification.

Dear Felix. carry both, but the team will advise you on ground Col Deo Akiiki Directorate of Information and Public Relations P.O.BOX 3798 KAMPALA....
Dear Joseph, airforce requires sciences with a bias in mathematics at A level and above Col Deo Akiiki Directorate of Information and Public Relatio...
Cadet recruitment inquiry.

Information not held.

next years forces recruitmen t
Dear Chris, unfortunately you are way above the entrance age of between 18-25
Reach out to the team, you will be advised on what to do john

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