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KANABI ROBERT SAMANYA; DATE: 23 JAN, 2021 Ref:Uganda Peoples Defense Forces. Hope this mail reaches the right person in charge and meets your posi...
Dear Elem.we have not yet anounced any recruitment when ready you will know thru media and other channels including our websites and pages
Dear Saddam. U will know thru adverts and radio announcements when we are to recruit. Keep in torch with office of DISO and RDC in your area
Iam ELEM EMMANUEL, a Ugandan by Nationality really willing to serve our Country Uganda via Updf as A soldier, all in all i was requesting to know...
I would like to know when this years recruitment is starting. Thank you. Yours faithfully, Ashaba Reagan. [email address]

Partially successful.

Dear Soul, there is no recruitment this year due to covid 19. We are not yet planning recruitment even next year until advised otherwise and the publ...
Request for recruitment

Awaiting classification.

Dear Yakin. Recruitment will be next year around Feb or March. It will be a national exercise and all requirements shall be considered. Be ready to c...
Dear Paul. [Internship]s requests with Defence are submitted by hard copy to the ministry,s Human Resource Officer at the ministry Headquaters. Thank...
Updf recriutment dates

Awaiting classification.

Dear Opengan, due to covid 19 we won't have any recruitment until further notice
Lt Col Deo Akiiki Deputy Defence Spokesperson P.O.BOX 3798 KAMPALA. UGANDA Tel: +256 392947455 +256 751663154 (UG Whatsup 0751663154 Skype    ...
Ear Ronald, unfortunately today you can't join the army when you are not educated. The heart and love for your country are not enough although good f...
Dear Daniel unfortunately you are above age and the law does not allow.
My name is TANI DANIEL may i know when is UPDF recruitment conduct this year 2020/2021 country wide. Yours faithfully, TANI DANIEL
Dear Elem, thanks for your interest. unfortunately due to covid 19, we are not doing any recruitment program this year. Lt Col Deo Akiiki Deputy Def...
My name is SADAT MUGANZI and i am 24 years old and a proud Ugandan. I would like to meet with Gen SALIM SALEH to inform him on some important idea...
I have a degree in Finance and another in ACCA. But am 27, Can I join the Army forces?? Yours faithfully, Josh
I have a degree in Finance and another in ACCA. But am 27, Can I join the Army forces?? Yours faithfully, Josh
I have a degree in Finance and another in ACCA. But am 27, Can I join the Army forces?? Yours faithfully, Josh
Dear Sharif, there isn't any recruitment soon due to covid 19. You will know through advertising and radio announcement may be next year
Joining UPDF

Long overdue.

I would like to know if there is recruitment this year since am much interested in joining the Army forced and defend the country Yours faithfull...
Dear James, we are not yet having a recruitment plan due to covid 19. However when ready u will know thru main stream madia
Am ready to be a soldier

Awaiting classification.

Dear Akram, thank you for your interest to serve. However, this year there isn't recruitment due to covid 19
Dear Mr Okwera. The eligibility age is 18-25. you are far past that age and therefore not eligible. Sorry but try another carrier. Thank you for your...
Seeking contact to Gen Salim Saleh

Withdrawn by the requester.

Am Gerald lwakuba, proprietor of MBK vocational and technical Hub. We're in vocational Skilling with the aim of enhancing craftsmanship and employab... recruitment organising this year due to covid 19 pandemic. 

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