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Express penalty scheme
Response by Uganda Police Force to Annet on .

Information not held.

Hi Annet, Ponyango2012 left you a private message [1][IMG] [3]Ponyango2012 has left a private message for you. Click [2]Ponyango2012 on the button b...
Behavious Of The Police
Request sent to Uganda Police Force by Tayebwa Benson on .

Long overdue.

I Would like to know wether its really fair for a police man finding you moving and he asks your national identity card and then after giving it to hi...
I am called Mafabi Christopher and I live in Kamuli district,buzaaya county and in bugulumbya sub-county, Iam 17years old.Some few months back,my da...
Statistics on Domestic Violence and Mob Justice
Request sent to Uganda Police Force by Lizet Vlamings on .

Long overdue.

Could you please provide me with statistics on domestic violence and mob justice for the year 2014, and, separately, the period Jan-Jul 2015. With...
Police Clearance Certificate
Follow up sent to Uganda Police Force by Mubeen Cutchi on .

Long overdue.

I wanted to add she is 80 years old and unable to travel much. She lives by herself after my father died last year, and I want her to live with us....
Crime report and traffic safety Report
Request sent to Uganda Police Force by Annet on .

Long overdue.

Please upload the Annual Crime and Traffic Safety Report 2014 and Express Penalty Scheme docs Yours faithfully, Annet
Crime Statistics
Request sent to Uganda Police Force by Omara Samuel on .

Long overdue.

Can you provide me with crime statistics for the last 5years upto village or Subcounty level for Uganda Yours Faithfully, Omara Samuel

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