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Making requests

Do I have the right to make a request?

Every citizen has a right of access to information and records in the possession of public bodies. The right applies to all information and records of Government ministries, departments, local governments, statutory corporations and bodies, commissions and other Government organs and agencies, unless specifically exempted by law.

I'm not sure which authority to make my request to, how can I find out?

It can be hard to untangle government's complicated structured, and work out who knows the information that you want. Here are a few tips:

  • Browse or search Ask Your Government Uganda looking for similar requests to yours.
  • When you've found an authority you think might have the information, use the "home page" link on the right hand side of their page to check what they do on their website.
  • Contact the authority by phone or email to ask if they hold the kind of information you're after.
  • Don't worry excessively about getting the right authority. If you get it wrong, they ought to advise you who to make the request to instead.
  • If you've got a thorny case, please contact us for help.