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Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2021 01:17:21 +0100
Subject: Access to Information request - Financial Support for my Apprenticeship course in Resource Drilling Technician (RDB)
From: Kawuma Daniel Henry Wasswa <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.xx>
To: "ATI requests at National Social Security Fund (NSSF)" <>

Dear National Social Security Fund (NSSF),

My name is Daniel Henry Wasswa Kawuma,
Am writing to request the office of the NSSF for a financial support in my career upgrade, i am a water driller who has been drilling water wells in Uganda for the last 12 years, with NGO called Living water International-Uganda
Recently i got an offer to go to Canada and pursue a course in Resource Drilling Technician (RDB) at Fleming College for two years and i was very much excited because this course covers a number of drilling methodologies including Gas and Oil, Directional Drilling, Water Well drilling, Horizontal drilling etc. I believe getting this opportunity i will be in position to support my country and the industry as long as establishing career for my old age sustainability.
The intake of this Course is in January 10th and i had paid the Initial deposit of CAD $ 2300.
Because of the remaining time, its equally difficult for me to raise the other $ 6000 Canadian dollars with other related expenses.
That's why i kindly call on the NSSF for this support, i have save with you and i request at least a percentage (%) of my savings to support me for my education career. I know very well that my time accessing this savings is not yet but i also understand that helping me to achieve this will be more beneficial to me as well.

Yours faithfully,
Kawuma Daniel Henry Wasswa


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