A request for financial aid in my education.

Currently waiting for a response from State House, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear State House,

Re : Request for financial aid in my education.
I am Muhwezi Andrew born of Kazo district a recent graduate in Bachelors degree in mechanical engineering at ndejje university. Am very grateful for ur unwavering support towards my academic journey since my A level when I attained this statehouse sponsorship . I kindly request u to extend a helping hand to go for a next step for my masters degree in mechanical engineering to become a very good asset for this nation. Am indebted for this government for it's continuous support to scientists and all people at different levels. Great honors and acknowledgements to the government for supporting me as a child from less previleged family to access education as it has always done to boost income in those social groups through various government programs. I will patiently wait for a feedback from u my Lord.

Yours faithfully,