Access to state scholarship

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Nabirye Heta Norah

Dear State House,
Thank you for the great achievements we have got through your services.
I've purposely written to you seeking for education aid.i am Nabirye Heta Norah a third year medical student at kiu who was not privileged to get loan scheme in my first year and also half bursary because by the time I got the 60%required amount of fees to get half bursary,the slots we're mum hustled through to pay the 6m required and at one point I failed to do papers because I hadn't paid tuition.
Through your office,I am kindly requesting you to add me to the list of statehouse sponsored students at least for these remaining years,things have really become tough that my mother had decided I request for a dead semmester but I didn't do it,I am trying out any opportunity and this could be the best I should say that at least I can remain hopeful
Any support rendered I will be grateful
And for any other information,my email is [email address] and phone number 0751211874
Am still hopeful
For God and my country

Yours faithfully,
Nabirye Heta Norah