Advice on VAT default by Umeme

Nada Andersen made this Access to Information request to Tax Appeals Tribunal

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Dear Tax Appeals Tribunal,

I am a consumer of Yaka electricity which I would normally purchase via tokens. However on purchasing through bank, I requested Umeme for a tax invoice. Their response was "they do not issue tax invoices for Yaka electricity". I have reported this non-compliance with VAT laws to URA via their online portal about two months ago, but have no feedback from them.

Please advise, what action can I take as a citizen (beyond reporting tax non-compliance to URA) in order to bring Umeme to book? Umeme is a company that hinges their growth on citizen investment into even a smallest cable to get connected - they have taken advantage of Ugandans in multiple ways and I would not be surprised they use this situation to exploit us further.

Please help me with your advice.

Yours faithfully,

Nada Andersen

Patricia Ringa, Tax Appeals Tribunal

Good afternoon to you Sir,
This is to acknowledge receipt of your email whose contents have been
The concerns raised in the email have been noted. Kindly get in touch with
me on 0772 485284 for further advise.

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