Am requesting for a sponsorship for my studies am in S6

The request was partially successful.

Dear Ministry of Education and Sports,
I hereby request for sponsor to help me achieve my goal of becoming a lawyer. I am a girl aged 20 years in S6 2023. I have been studying when my dad is paying me but now he has been laid off due to his old age and he can not afford my school fees anymore yet l want to go for university..lam request for help so that l get tuition.
I will be grateful if my request is considered.
Yours faithfully,
Nalubega Aidah

Public Relations, Ministry of Education and Sports

Dear Nalubega,

Kindly visit the Ministry of Education and Sports website at to view the available scholarship opportunities.

Alternatively, you can visit the Higher Education Students' Financing Board at to apply for a student study loan.


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