Application for industrial training placement from August to October 2022

Okoed Nikalon made this Access to Information request to National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)

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Okoed Nikalon

Uganda Technical college ELGON,
P.o box 940,
MBALE - Uganda

To: National Environment Management Authority (NEMA),

Dear Sir/ Madam,


I humbly submit in my application to your office for the above mentioned subject.
I am a student from Uganda Technical college ELGON pursuing a National Diploma in Water and Sanitation Engineering Year II requesting for a place of internship from your organization.
This enables me to perfect what I have learnt from school theoritically into practice.

I shall be so grateful for your positive response and it's my sincere hope that you put kind consideration to my application.

Yours faithfully,
okoed nikalon
0786587966/ 0772526155

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