Application for internship placement

Currently waiting for a response from Bank of Uganda (BoU), they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Kakuru Conrad Akankwasa

Dear Bank of Uganda (BoU),

I am a third-year Student at Makerere University
pursuing a Bachelors in science in Software Engineering and I would love to request to get an internship placement in your organization.

I am skilled in the following aspects;
Data Analysis
IT support
Graphics and UI/UX design
Mobile Application Development
Data Entry

I am a dynamic self-starter with strong organizational and communication abilities. I am culturally sensitive, with excellent leadership and personnel management skills. I am critical, team player, results-oriented and have high level personal integrity. I am flexible and creative in planning and problem solving. I am proficiency in various programming languages like Java, React, Html Js, Css, Javascript and flutter. In addition Microsoft Project software tool, adobe photoshop and illustrator and figma and have excellent analytical and information management skills.

Yours faithfully,

Kakuru Conrad Akankwasa