Application for scholarship support so that I don't drop out of college.

Lugemye Elson made this Access to Information request to Test Ministry 1

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Uganda Technical College,
P.O. Box 04,
25th September, 2022.
Test Ministry 1,
Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs.
In order for me to continue my studies, I formally request that you help me pay for my college tuition with the use of this letter.
I enrolled at Uganda Martyrs University after completing my UCE in 2016 and UACE in 2018, but I was unable to complete the program due to financial issues. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into UTC-Lira, which reasonably provides a national diploma in architectural engineering. I completed my first year with a 4.38 cumulative grade point average (CGPA), but I am unable to pay for a second year.
I made the decision not to apply for student loans because I was able to meet my expenses and didn't want to build up debt. The management of my college rejected my request for financial aid. I am asking for your help to get me through this difficult period so I don't have to leave college.
I've enclosed a copy of my academic recommendation as well as the requirements I need to fulfill in order to enroll in the second year of study. I appreciate you reading this and giving my argument some thought. Soon, I hope to communicate with you.
Please call me at +256775084911 or email me at [email address].