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Dear Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL),

I am a Makerere University Graduate, holding a Bachelors Degree in Community Psychology (71st Graduation, 2021). I am seeking for a graduate trainee placement in your Company. I am a self driven committed hard worker looking for a practical and challenging hands on opportunity to apply my knowledge and better polish my skills. Your company has a diverse structural set up which is the driving reason as to why I wish to learn and work with your skilled and experienced workforce. I have good interpersonal skills, proactive problem solving within my field of training and commitment to timely accomplish every task and assignment given to me.

For any training opportunities available or scheduling an interview, you can reach me 0778 682893 & 0708 560925 or by email [email adress]

Yours faithfully,

Namaganda Martha

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