Attached is my application for tuition support at UTC-Lira.

Lugemye Elson made this Access to Information request to State House

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Lugemye Elson,
Uganda Technical College,
P.O. Box 04,
25th September, 2022.

Dear State House,
This letter is a formal request that you assist me in paying my college tuition so that I can continue to study.
After finishing my UCE in 2016 and UACE in 2018, I enrolled at Uganda Martyrs University, but I was unable to finish the program due to financial difficulties. I had the good fortune to enroll in UTC-Lira, which affordably offers a national diploma in architectural engineering. I earned a 4.38 cumulative grade point average (CGPA) in my first year, but I am unable to pay for a second year.

Because I was able to cover my costs and didn't want to accrue debt, I decided not to apply for student loans. You can no longer submit a loan application. I asked the financial aid office at my college for assistance as well, but they turned me down. To avoid having to leave college, I am asking you for your assistance in getting me through this challenging time.

You'll find a copy of my academic recommendation and the prerequisites I haven't met in order to enroll in second year of study inside.
I appreciate you taking the time to read this and considering my position. I forward speaking with you soon. Call me at +256775084911 or email me at [email address].