Cancellation of My Mailo Land Title, Block 424, Plot 45, Land at Kijude Kyaggwe Mukono

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Gideon Musoke Wakibugu

Dear Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development,

I am the titled owner of Mailo land comprised in Plot 45, Block 424 situate at Kijude, Kyaggwe, East Buganda, measuring 0.40 Hectares.

I have learn't that my land title - Instrument Number: MK040957, Date and Time of Registration: 8-7-82 at 3.10 - was cancelled without my knowledge (as no notification/communication whatsoever from the land registry or courts was made to me).

I have twice done searches and they both have returned a result that my land title was apparently cancelled following an Order of Court, and my plot 45 returned to Plot 28 from which it had 'mutated'. No Court Order or Case Number for that matter has been given by the Mukono Zonal Registry.

Since I have explored possible ways of getting the Court Order/Case Number with no help so I can understand why court would order for cancellation of my title moreover without my knowledge (especially after the death of the transferor William Kizza Kisumbi), I now turn to you and kindly request that you help trace this court order number so I can establish why my land title was cancelled so I can get a way to regain my land coz I am the rightful owner of that land.

Please save me the frustration and mental anguish I'm suffering over this issue.

Yours faithfully,
Nsumba, Mukono Kyaggwe