Donkey species smuggling

Hiire Gususwa made this Access to Information request to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

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Dear Uganda Revenue Authority (URA),

I forward my awareness about donkey smaggling to and out of the country on boarders of mount Elgon and pokot of uganda , you should be aware that our government is making a lot of losses on donkeys to the Chinese cheap retailers at a very small cost, the local population is suffering in areas like moroto bukwa and areas near by the mountains
Let me remind you that donkey prices and donkey hides in China and the rest of the world are on demand a donkey skin is at 200 - 305 USD just a skin only so the cheap China men and women who are not registered as investors are here buying our donkeys very cheaply from farmers at just 100 USD and being slaughtered in Kampala meat parkers later exported to hong Kong without going through relevant taxation so really URA aren't we loosing more revenues to non investors here

Yours faithfully,

Hiire Gususwa