Financial support for my last year in high school

Waiting for an internal review by State House of their handling of this request.

Dear State House,
Thanks for the program . am stuck financially and I really wanted to sit my final exams UACE 2022

Yours faithfully, shidaedna faith

Dear State House,
Its been a pleasure to write again to you I am shida edina 20 years old in senior six Entebbe secondary school in entebbe municipality as i text now people are doing exams and iam home due to school fees issues almost loosing hope of sitting UACE and further studies cos the person who was helping me is tired and my parents can't afford . please help me all I pray for is your financial support towards my education.thanks allot . looking forward for a positive reply. May God bless you and protect you all and thank you all for this .

Yours faithfully,

Shida Edina