Dear Ministry of Education and Sports,

I hope this message finds you well,
Thanks for the work you're doing in developing our country.
I am 24years old, I am an innovator and Tech entrepreneur, I created a system
that can support and improve the education sector specifically and other areas.
However, I lack support especially financial, I am a student at Cavendish University Uganda and even my fulltime job cannot support me. But if I got your support to push the project to the public, it would help them a lot and even enhance your image as a government body
as per your efforts to develop our country.
I have used this channel because applying for project financing from the government is not easy, despite the fact that the government encourages us the youth to be creative and hardworking.

How can I be supported? I would request for the meeting with any official at the ministry, I have been seeking an appointment with Hon. Rosemary Ssenindde but all in vain.

Yours faithfully,
Richard Miyingo.

Patrick Muinda, Ministry of Education and Sports

Dear Richard,
Thank you for your effort to innovate and create this system. 
Unfortunately, the Ministry does not have a budget to support this
I request you to contact the Ministry of Science, Technology and
Innovations.  You will be guided on how to be assisted by way of providing
you with useful information.

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