I request to know my tin

Busingye julius made this Access to Information request to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

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Dear Uganda Revenue Authority (URA),

I request to know my tin

Yours faithfully,

Julius busingye

Uganda Revenue Authority, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

Dear Esteemed Client,
Thank you for your email.
We wanted to let you know we’ve received your email and will respond
within two working days.  However, please take a few seconds to read the
information below and let us know if it helps resolves your inquiry. 
If you inquiry is urgent please reach us through the following;

 1. Call us toll free on: 0800117000/ 0800217000
 2. Chat with us on WhatsApp: 0772140000
 3. Chat with us via our Live Chat option at the bottom right of the URA
Website i.e [1]ura.go.ug

Useful contacts where you can direct specific inquiries;

 1. Domestic Tax & Customs related inquiry: Write to [2][email address]
 2. Directly log a Customs inquiry/issue: [3]Click here
 3. Report corruption or unethical staff conduct: Write
to [4][email address]  0r call 0323443033
 4. Report taxpayer noncompliance: Write to [5][email address] or call
0323442055 or call 0323443033/ 0772141075
 5. Procurement related inquiries: Call 0417- 442155 /6/7/8/9
 6. HR-[Internship] & recruitment: Write to [6][email address] or
call 0323444124 / 0323444123

Tax information
For up-to-date tax information on various topics: - [7]Click here
Looking to apply for a Tax Identification Number (TIN)?

 1. PDF Guide using New Web Form: - [8]Click here
 2. PDF Guide using Old Excel Form: - [9]Click here
 3. Video Guide using Old Excel Form: - [10]Click here

Benefits of a Tax Identification Number (TIN):

 1. Import or export goods within and outside Uganda.
 2. Claim tax benefits that accrue to you e.g. tax refunds etc.
 3. Access bank loans for amounts above 50 Million shillings.
 4. Acquire a license from any Government Agency.
 5. Register your Motor Vehicle First-time Motor Vehicle Registration
 6. Process land transactions above 50 Million Shillings

Looking to know more about KAKASA Business Solutions:

 1. Voluntary Disclosure: [11]Click here
 2. Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solution (EFRIS): [12]Click here
 3. Digital Tax Stamps (DTS): [13]Click here



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1. http://ura.go.ug/
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6. mailto:[email address]
7. https://ura.go.ug/eventManagementControl...
8. http://%3chttps//mail.ura.go.ug/ecp/Orga...
9. http://%3chttps//www.ura.go.ug/openFile....
10. http://%3chttps//www.youtube.com/watch?v...
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