I want to complain against someone who think that she is above the law

Sophie Kabaganja made this Access to Information request to Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA)

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA),

Dear Sir or Madame
I hope this finds you well.
I'm resident of mbalwa have try to bring my complains trough CID about a landlord where I rent whom still WATER and Electricity for all compound . She doesn't follow the low using umeme and water people but when I try CID from kira police station up to region no one want to listen or help when I was asking them to send a civil police to investigate same thing in which can give the government more than 20.000.000 monthly back to you. Now she want to send me out when even I didn't get contracts since juni 2019 people here use water and electricity for free . And I don't think that is right everyone is explaining my husband that that's how many landlords live in Uganda. Can we get a place to adress our issues? Greetings from us.
I m sending you copies of 2 letter I wrote to her officially but I have also audios.

Mbalwa ; August 19 th, 2019. .... Sophie Kabaganja
P.O Box. 5287 Kampala
[email address]
[email address]

To the Ownership / Landlord
Plot 1340, Naalya
[email address]

Dear Sir or Madame

I hope this finds you well. As I left you a voicemail on your what's app number on June 23th to tell you how we were burdened with alot of unfinished issues for a house to be accommodated according to the low .
We entered into the house on June 1first promising to finnish the unfinished part so we can live our life peacefully health but you kept ignoring our demands efter that you have collected our money. You answered my voicemail 24th I quote: «[24/06 15.28] Landlord Melissa: Hello
[24/06 15.28] Landlord Melissa: Sorry , I have just seen this
[24/06 15.29] Landlord Melissa: Let me come there on Thursday
[24/06 15.29] Landlord Melissa: Please...... I have not been around
[24/06 15.29] Landlord Melissa: Thank you»

My Husband became tired of your way you treat human beings and rights sent you voicemail on July 25th that this time he is going to do it no matter what now I m writing this letter officially to tell you that some of things I send to you has been accomplished but because of not enough money , bedrooms are not taken yet . We are waiting for more availability life is not easy in this Kampala, you know?

I m sending the bills and job in which people has done , will give copies to the blocker Frank and your gmail attached by documents plus your 2 Asikari Moses and Charles mobile phones.

Sophie Kabaganja.
Emmanuel Gafaringa
This time you have closed the low and the low can apply on you boss
Mbalwa ,September 9th ,2019. Sophie Kabaganja
Po Box 5287

Complaining against the what we can call violations of the
Low of gouverment institutions
Dear sir or Madame
I don't know very well where to adress this issues but I will find it out very soon.

As you know we entered you house you have in mbalwa

We entered unfinished you know it very well.
We repair you thinks with our own money
We have completely finish it for you
Where you ignoring others rights then I think the law gonna apply we have evidence between me and you plus your.askalies that you have tried to many time water and electricity with out paying the government of uganda the your ny peuple are coming to destroy what I have done for you. This time enough is enough.
Those money you took yesterday without the recitation of what you are doing in tax system you and this Americans gonna give some explanation some where else . I have the it through mobile money system.
If then you don't comedown, with other people rights and feelings . You understand very well the consequences of your behaviors.

Im sending again this email to everyone whom has any think to do with this matter .

I asking you nicely to don't harassing others people lives if you can manage this business find something else to do. I want my money back.
Morning to everyone.
Sophie Kabaganja

Emmanuel Gafaringa

Yours faithfully,


Dear Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA),

I don't actually care of your masses of mismanagement . You will come to Europe or Russian even USA asking for more money your president is there for that. Lucky you