Inquiring to know how l can justice?

NABIKAMBA GEOFREY made this Access to Information request to The Judiciary (Courts of Judicature)

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Dear The Judiciary (Courts of Judicature),


There has been changes in the High Court Civil Division and l had instituted a HIGH COURT MISCELLANEOUS CAUSE NO. 81 OF 2018, Geofrey Nabikamba v. Attorney General and HIGH COURT MISCELLANEOUS APPLICATION NO. 251 OF 2019 before Justice HENRIETTA WOLOYO as she was then DEPUTY HEAD CIVIL DIVISION and now currently HEAD EXECUTIONS AND BAILIFFS DIVISION. We submitted written submissions on the interlocutory matter but no ruling yet has been delivered for a year.

how can l get justice on this interlocutory matter amidst the changes in court.

Yours faithfully,
Geofrey Nabikamba
TEL: 075787825382

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