Internship Application Letter by Namulondo Jane. January 19,2020

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Dear Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA),

I purposely with tremendous respect request you to avaik me with an internship training recess as a procurement and logistics internship officer in your organisation.

This internship is of great interest to me as it reflects my career goals and requires my education skills and experience. This organisation is also of great importance as its where my skills, abilities and knowledge will be widened.

I am a resourceful and detailed woman currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in procurement and logistics management second year at Ndejje university Kampala campus. With demonstrated abilities to handle difficult situations and respond appropriately especially to sociological and social administrative ethics, communication skills, listening skills, and team work, ability to keep high levels of confidentiality and professionalism in working environment,

I will be grateful if l am offered this opportunity.

Yours faithfully,

Namulondo Jane

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