Internship placement

Currently waiting for a response from Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Natumanya sheilla

Dear Civil Aviation Authority (CAA),
I am request for an internship placement with your organization.
I am Natumanya Sheilla a student of Mbarara University of science and technology doing bachelors of computer science in her second year. I am strongly interested in undertaking my industrial training in your company.
The two years I have spent at Mbarara University I have acquired knowledge in programming with different languages that is java and python, databases, networking, website development, cyber security, software engineering and cloud computing. With the skills mentioned above I would like to them with in the organization if I am given a chance to do so.
Hope my application can be put under your consideration.

Yours faithfully,
Natumanya sheilla,