Internship placement at bank of Uganda

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Dear Bank of Uganda (BoU),

Iam writing to express my interest in securing an internship at the Bank of Uganda. My name is Ndibazza Gloria, I am a female Ugandan and second-year undergraduate student, studying Bachelor of Statistics at Makerere University.
I am enthusiastic about developing my statistical analysis, skills, and gaining hands-on experience in the field of statistics. I have been impressed by the work that the Bankof Uganda is doing to provide accurate and reliable data for policy formulation and decision-making in Uganda.
I believe that an internship in your company will provide me with an opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, develop my analytical skills and gain practical knowledge of how statistical concepts are applied in real-world situations.
I am also attaching my resume which lists all my academic qualifications and credentials. I have also attached my results for the previous year. I would request you have a look at it and consider my application.
I will be very grateful for the opportunity to intern with you for a period of 2 months starting on 21st June 2023.

Yours faithfully,
ndibazza gloria

Bank of Uganda, Bank of Uganda (BoU)

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