Internship request for Human Resource Management in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Waiting for an internal review by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of their handling of this request.

TO: The Human resource manager and Administration,
Dear Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
I am Namuddu Sumayah a second year student currently pursuing a bachelors' degree in Human Resource management at Makerere University Business School and am applying to join your organization for internship.
This program shall be conducted between the period of mid-June to August 2023 and this will enable me to get more experience and exposure in my future career in Human Resource Management.
I am a resourceful and detailed individual with demonstrated abilities to handle difficult situations and I have the ability to keep high levels of confidentiality and professionalism in the working environment.
i hope my request is put into consideration .

Yours faithfully,
Namuddu Sumayah,

Dear Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

I had applied for internship of Human Resource Management at your organisation but the reply has been delayed , I request to be replied .
Thank you
Yours faithfully,

Namuddu Sumayah