Introduction of a new sport (MUGUWA) to the UPDF sports department.

The request was successful.

Dear Ministry of Defence / Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF),
I understand sports is one of the basics that our UPDF has topped for years now. I would like to introduce a new entertaining sport called MUGUWA which can be participated in directly by our soldiers that have strength, power and energy with the guidance of Muguwa sports group. I believe this sport will bring fan and entertainment especially to those that can use their energy.
Hopefully am replied positively

Yours faithfully,
Sevume Joshua
CEO; Muguwa sports group.

Col Deo Akiiki, Ministry of Defence / Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF)

Dear Joshua. Thanks for your proposal. You can visit our sports office in
Bombo under Col Ssemanda the director sports who will guide you. He is
on 0772 564556

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