Issues in land transfer and lodging a caveat

brenda made this Access to Information request to Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development

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Dear Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development,
i need your help, i bought land a year ago and also applied for a transfer. during the transfer i was told to bring the person that sold me the land, i looked for this person for a full year and failed because she was a mufele. although the report got from lands by police shows that the person that sold me this land is the owner, the transfer is still stagnant. i managed to get the lady that sold me the land and she is at a police station pending court trial for another case on the same land.
i also tried to lodge a caveat on the same land and it was rejected with reseon," there is an ongoing transfer to your names, you cannot be allowed to transfer and at the same time stop any dealings on the land".
now how can i safegurad my interests on this land, the mufele was even trying to re sell it.
this land is in wakiso. whom can i talk to? which commisioner can help me sort out this matter?
at the same time, lands people are saying that the pysical file is lost. surely how can a file get lost from lands. why doesnt the person who initiated the transfer in the system own it up. where did that person take the file since he/ she was the last person to work on it.

Also, I would like to include that the land in question is in wakiso district and this lady might be given bond any time

Yours faithfully,

Sent request to Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development again.