Loss of my case file No.CIDHQTS/GEF/253/215 by the Directorate of CID Kibuli

Waiting for an internal review by Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) of their handling of this request.

I am an old man aged 70 years. In 2015, I registered a complaint against Bosco Muwonge at the Directorate of Criminal Investigation Kibuli and was given case no. CID/HQTS/GEF/253/2015. The case was investigated by a CID officer by the names Alice Malinga against Bosco Muwonge as a Criminal offense for causing malicious damage to property. Later she submitted my file to DPP’s office and was received by Former Deputy DPP Micheal Wamasebu.

Later the file was handed to Late State Attorney Monica Kalesa who finally submitted her findings on 26/07/2016. Later I was told that the file had been handed to Jackie Okui the regional Ag Principal State Attorney who in the process advised me that for my case to proceed, I must bring the court order given to Bosco Muwonge. I responded but no progress was made on my case todate. When I made a follow up, I was told the file had been sent back to Kibuli for further investigations. In the process I went to DPP Registry to find out the CID officer who picked my file and the date.

To my surprise when I gave them my case reference No. CID/HQTS/GEF/253/2015, I was shocked to be told that the case reference number shows FRAUD not CRIMINAL. The officer at the Registry also told me that she does not remember the police officer who signed for my case file and the date. When I went to Kibuli Land office, I was advised to check with the CID Registry. At the Registry the officer told me that the case reference No. CID/HQTS/GEF/253/2015 shows KIDNAP and was reported by BONA BANA and the accused is MILITI a Rwandese National who escaped to Rwanda.

When I went back to the DPP’s office to complain about the sudden changes at the CID Registry, the Deputy DPP Mr. Charles Elemu Ogwal checked his laptop and his response to me was “I am also seeing the same statement on my laptop”. Unfortunately, he did not give me details. Thereafter he referred me to DPP Registry where I was told that my case file was with Jackie Lands on floor 11/12. When I went back for a follow up, I was told that ym case file was with Mr. Alex Ojok, the Senior State Attorney Lands. Later a CID officer called to inform me that my case file was closed by Mr. Alex Ojok on the premise that houses had already been put up.

In the process I decided to write a complaint letter to former DPP Chibita. I met him once and he advised me to see him after one week. Unfortunately, when I went back, I was informed that he had been promoted and transferred.

On a sad note, one of the staff on floor 11/12 who tried to raise a concern with Mr. Alex Ojok about the delay of my case was suddenly transferred. I then wrote to the current DPP who also referred me to the Chief State Attorney Mr. David Bisamunyu. After one month, Mr. Bisamunyu wrote informing me that DPP’s office had written to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations for the retrieval of my case file, but they have not responded.

Surprisingly, later I received a call from a CID officer at Kibuli informing me that “your file can not be traced”.
Due to frustrations arising from the above hopeless experiences I wrote to the Chief State Attorney stating that “If I am denied justice, I will not be denied exposing injustices”.

Once the former Chief Justice Bart Katureebe was quoted by the Newvision as saying “If citizens were assertive about their rights, human rights abuses would be minimized”.

The purpose of this communication therefore is to seek for redress on six years down the road of my case, where and how do I access justice.

Yours faithfully,
Peter Musibala

Dear Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS),

Please pass this on to the person who conducts Access to Information reviews.

I am writing to request an internal review of Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS)'s handling of my ATI request 'Loss of my case file No.CIDHQTS/GEF/253/215 by the Directorate of CID Kibuli'. Once the former the PS Ministry of Gender labour and Social Developmet was quoted saying" syndicated corruption is difficult to detect" Similarly President museven has commonly condemned what has referred to as"instutionalised corruption" while a CID officer Alice malinga and a DPP staff late Monica kalesa did tremendous work during the Investigations of case and made appropriate recommendations, my case was suffocated once I complained openly and wrote to the former Chief justice Bart Katureebe against some DPP Staff at the Head office and the director at the Doctorate of lands Kibuli who have chosen to conive and deny me my natural justice. The DPP adviced to write to the complaint desk to which I responded close to 2years ago Unfortunatey to date no justice has been accorded to me. Where do I go next? Is DPP staff above the law 🙏? Ineed justice where can I report these Staff from the Directorate of CID and DPP offices.


A full history of my ATI request and all correspondence is available on the Internet at this address: http://uganda.alaveteli.org/request/loss...

Yours faithfully,

Peter Musibala