Placement for a microbiology or quality control laboratory Technician

Ewach Andrew made this Access to Information request to Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS)

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Dear Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS),
I kindly apply for the above mentioned position with your firm, commencing, April to May 2022, to be acquainted with the necessary skills and information.
I am a final year student at Kyambogo University, pursuing a Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology.
I am accommodative, social, fast at learning, team player and with your organization, I will be helped to get the required skills and exposure needed to further advance and succeed in my career.
I will honor and highly appreciate your kind consideration.

Thanks you,
Yours faithfully,

Ewach Andrew
Tel: 0753924727 or 0784191334

Dear Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS),I am in my final year pursuing certificate in Science Laboratory Technology from Kyambogo University, and I would request you to allow me do my internship in the U.N.B.S microbiology or quality control lab. I request you for the response that has been delayed yet I'm so eager for it.
My supportive government, help me out for the placement.

Yours faithfully,
Ewach Andrew