Re; Requesting for an internship placement in your organization from June to July 2020

Kahwa Emmanuel made this Access to Information request to Uganda Investment Authority (UIA)

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Kampala international university
P.o Box Kampala Uganda
kasanga ggaba road
Tell; 0778620738/0754292235
Date; 26/02/2020.

The human resource manager
Uganda Revenue Authority
Kampala Uganda
P.o Box...........

Dear Sir/madam,

Dear Uganda Investment Authority (UIA),

I am Kahwa Emmanuel a student at Kampala international university pursuing a diploma in public administration and management year two semester two (2:2).I am coherent, hardworking,innovative and determined to get quickly learn and perform as directed effectively.
I humbly request for an internship placement in your organization in the department of administration management basing on my ambition to exercises my administrative skills, customer services and my interpersonal skills and serve people in relation to quality services.
I would gladly be so appreciative to be given an opportunity to work with others so that we enhance quality production and quality service delivery to our esteemed customers. I seek to gain more experience and professional in my career.
I will be so glad if my request is put under your consideration thanks.

Yours faithfully,
kahwa emmanuel

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