Regarding laws on selling and DISTRIBUTING riot gasses

The request was partially successful.

Dear Ministry of Defence / Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF),
Is it possible that I can DISTRIBUTE my TEAR gasses to private military organizations or is THIS AGAINST THE UGANDAN LAW . I would like to DISTRIBUTE Chloroacetophenone to a private MILITARY entity, but I WONDER of the legality of this action.
I also wonder if you would like to PURCHASE riot gasses for use against any more potential PROTESTS by the HOMOSEXUALS in our faithful COUNTRY.
Yours faithfully, Bohb

Col Deo Akiiki, Ministry of Defence / Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF)

Dear Jhones, the government of Uganda has a robust procurement system of
all items for use by the government of Uganda. You are advised to contact
line ministries such as Ministry of security and ministry of internal
Affairs for further assistance.

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