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Odongo Emmanuel made this Access to Information request to Ministry of ICT and National Guidance

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Dear Ministry of ICT and National Guidance,


I am hereby kindly requesting for [Internship] Training in your organization during the period of June-August 2018. I am a Ugandan by Nationality, Christian and a student of Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology, pursuing a Diploma in computer Science.

I am highly self motivated, confident person, result oriented, customer focused and articulate individual who possesses a friendly and personable approach along with strong time management skills and the ability to listen carefully to client requirements and to work under minimum supervision and also as a team leader.

I also have a real thirst to succeed and boast a demonstrated track record of initiative, creativity, motivation and I have the entrepreneurial spirit to work in highly flexible, rapidly changing, ambiguous work environments. And I have insatiable energy to produce results and being able to quickly build outstanding customer relationships which is my valuable addition to any ambitious work. And I am so much interested to work with a rapidly growing dynamic company that has plans for ambitious growth.

And I have best fit expertise in any field given to me and I will express a high level of integrity, professionalism, and efficiency towards the work and achievements of the visions of the organization and the objectives if given opportunity.

Yours faithfully,

Odongo Emmanuel
School of Computing and Information Technology,
Kampala International University

E-mail: [email address]

Ministry of ICT and National Guidance

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