Request for a certificate of registration for teachers

Waiting for an internal review by Ministry of Education and Sports of their handling of this request.


Dear Ministry of Education and Sports,

I am Nuwenyine Abert once applied for the registration certificate through TMIS website and i was given the Teacher File Number (UTS0345248).
Thank you for giving that UTS and am still requesting for the Certificate of registration

Yours faithfully,


Public Relations, Ministry of Education and Sports

Dear Nuwenyine,
Kindly log into the gmail account you used to register on TMIS. If your application was successful you will find a message with the certificate attached for download. However, if the application was unsuccessful, you will also find a message with the reason why it was rejected. Then log into your TMIS account and update your application.


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Dear Public Relations,

Forsure our TMIS has notyet submitted any response concerning my certificate
I was patiently waiting but am becoming unmotivated
I am requesting for your intervention
Thank you
Yours sincerely,