Request for a scholarship for a bachelor's degree in business administration

Kemigisa Bridget made this Access to Information request to Ministry of Education and Sports

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Ministry of Education and Sports,

I am KEMIGISA Bridget, I completed advanced level in 2019 and wishing to continue with my studies and I was admitted to Makerere university for a bachelor's degree in business but I nolonger have financial support . I kindly request for a scholarship.

Yours faithfully,

Kemigisa Bridget

Patrick Muinda, Ministry of Education and Sports

Thank you Bridget.
The Ministry may not be in position to sponsor you. You however may apply
for a student loan. Please call Mr. Wanyama, the Director for Higher
Education Financing, on 0772 416601. He will give you further guidance.

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