Request for an internship placement

Ssewakiryanga Bonny made this Access to Information request to Bank of Uganda (BoU)

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Ssewakiryanga Bonny

Dear Bank of Uganda (BoU),
I am Ssewakiryanga Bonny aged 21 years, currently undertaking studies leading to a reward for a bachelor’s degree in commerce at Makerere University Kampala and am in my second year. With all the due respect and honour for this institution, I hereby submit my request for an internship placement in this institution for I believe that all the passion and dreams I’ve always had to be a financial analyst and also an expert in all banking services can only be fully achieved if I get an opportunity to do my internship and exercise my skills and ability from such a prominent institution.
I will be extremely glad if my request is put into consideration.

Yours faithfully,
Ssewakiryanga Bonny

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