Request for an internship placement

Nansubuga Alexandria made this Access to Information request to Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

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The request was refused by the public agency Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Nansubuga Alexandria

Dear Civil Aviation Authority (CAA),

My name is Alexandria Nansubuga and I am 22years old pursuing a Bachelors of Science in Accounting year 2 at Makerere University Business School Nakawa.

I am writing this to request for an internship placement in this prestigious organisation.

I am a quick learner, honest, patient, trustworthy, loyal, focused and a great time keeper. I am determined and ambitious when it comes to fulfilling the set goals. I relate easily with other people as well.

I will be truely grateful and honoured if my request is highly considered. Am looking forward to a positive response. Thank you so much.

Please consider my humble request.

Yours faithfully,
Nansubuga Alexandria,

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