Request for electricity transmission throughout Namayumba sub county, Wakiso District

Alex Tumusiime made this Access to Information request to Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL)

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Dear Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited (UETCL),Uganda Rural Electrification Project

Greetings to you all at UETCL/REP
Thank you for your noble work taking electricity to all parts of Uganda. In that regard, I wish to humbly request that you extend electricity to all the rural communities of Namayumba sub county, Wakiso District. As you may be aware, we are only a little over 40 kilometres from Kampala city. Ironically, whilst farther-off places do have electricity lines crisscrossing their areas, here, it is still pitch dark with a lone solar light dotting a home here and there. At night, the vulnerability risk to burglars, muggers and God knows what else escalates dramatically. Not so long ago, a 16 year old daughter of my next door neighboor (here in Nngondwe village) got raped in one of the Eucalyptus forests which have been planted without restraint. Imagine this girl's experience happening about 200 metres from her home! She lives with the trauma and is terribly stigmatized. The electricity grid lines travel along the Namayumba -Kitalya road, just half a kilometre away. In fact, Malangata and Nngondwe are considered one LC. lo and behold, Malangata has electricity and is fast developing while Nngondwe is generally stagnated owing to this deprivation.
You will recall that this status quo has come to public light in the past. Not so long ago, HE, the President expressed surprise about this anomaly and ordered electricity be given to Namayumba community. Residents of Kibujjo, Nsanvu villages were later to make another request to UMEME and in particular ,the rural electrification program (Pse refer to My village Nngondwe is similarly in total darkness and we ask you to do the needful and provide this much needed service to our community. It also becomes incumbent upon your entity to respect the President's directive by availing electricity. Last week, I personally had one-to-one talks with the recently re-elected sub county chairman, Joseph Musenze about poor service delivery across various sectors. I pray that this letter will serve as a wake up call.
If we do not see any concrete steps being taken within 6 months from now, we may take our cry to HE once again. Our gallant leader, who cares about Mwana inchi will no doubt take appropriate steps about this matter. Long live Mr President, Sir. For God and my country.
Yours faithfully,

Kasim Rashid Sajjabi
Tel 0783 811529