Request for scholarship to pursue Bachelor's degree in Diagnostic ultrasound

Currently waiting for a response from State House, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Victoria Nanjego

Dear State House,
Am afemale Ugandan aged 26years
I realised that research is important in science in order to develop new technologies and help our people live. I would love to do more research in sonography(Obstetrics and Gynecology) because of indecisive scanning results I have received during practice. After achieving my Bachelors in Diagnostic ultrasound, this is going to help me discover new things related to imaging and besides that, in our communities we still have mothers without knowledge of scanning during pregnancy and others where scan is necessary, most of the times the scan are not 100% Diagnostic for specific conditions.
Am admitted at Ecurei(Ernest Cook Ultrasound research and education Institue. Mengo)want to be a full time student and I always attain good grades that doesn't worry me at all because I know what I need. In that case I need full sponsorship for this course which is to start in August. 2022.
The same degree will help me deliver good service in sonography in my community since we have very few of them in my home district and this at large will also add value to the facilities around and it is only this degree which will enable me achieve my goal of diagnostic imaging research.

Yours faithfully,
Victoria Nanjego