Request for soft copy for the presidential results from every polling station in Uganda.

The Electoral Commission of Uganda (EC) does not have the information requested.

Dear The Electoral Commission of Uganda (EC),

Since the 2021 elections on January 14th, it has called much for disputes about how the presidential results were added up to those figures in the final results and the only way we can be contended with the results is when we check and see the results for our individual polling stations. So I hereby request the commission at least provide a softcopy results for every polling station. Since the commission already confirmed that the soft copy for the results for every polling station was provided to all the presidential candidates yet most of us has no access to these presidential candidates.

Thanks I will be grateful if you respond positively.

Please refer to my email: [email address]

Yours faithfully,


Paul Bukenya, The Electoral Commission of Uganda (EC)

Dear Mr. Male, please visit for the detailed results of the Presidential Elections.



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