Request to be helped out danger i have been for the last 11 years.

IRIOT PAUL made this Access to Information request to Uganda Human Rights Commission

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Dear Uganda Human Rights Commission,
I would like you to help me and direct me on this matter that has eaten my life for 11 years.
just in summary.
During my holidays of s.4 in 2008 arrested a man with the help of police offices who was owning a gun and who was killing people up to date.After me getting his 3 magazines full of bullets. when I took 3 magazines to police, i was requested to mention if i could be knowing the owner and i said yes. i was told to go and show them the man but i had fear because we were in the same village, so police promised me the following;
1. money
2. Renting for the place to stay
3. protecting me and many others.
This is some part of my details for what transferred
In a year 2008 is when I sat my ordinary level in a school by the name Bishop Maraka college in kumi. After my final exam I went back to my village to spend my holidays there.
There was a man by the name who was called Okello shaolin (shaolin was his Knick name). everybody used to fear him because he had a gun and other people used to pay him to kill others and himself could wait people on the way to get money.
One day Okello called me and wanted to include me in his Job because he didn’t know English that he wanted to be moving with me in order to ease his job but I denied and he finally got my cousin brother by name Okaimon who had stopped in P.7 because that one knew some English in the process because he was desperate accepted. They could go wait bodabodas on way and steal them motorcycles, Okaimon used to come and explain me how good their job was.
One day I followed Okaimon and Okello up to a certain tree and I got to know they were taking their gun to keep and in the process I got to know where they could put their things.
One evening I decided to go and pick their things but I only got 3 magazines of a gun full of bullets and very new but as I was still looking for the gun I heard Okello and Okaimon coming which made me to run but in process they saw me and they started to run after me but I continued running with the 3 magazines, when i reached to the bush I just found myself resting in a bush, they did not see me because the rushed running. I continued to stay there not until 4:30am after which I decided go to kumi police station to take the bullets but in process I feared, which made me to take them to LCV chairman by the names Ismael Orot who is now MP of Kanyum county in kumi district. LCV chairman saw the bullets and I narrated the whole story to him and later escorted me to kumi police station.
When we reached there they asked me whether I know the owner definitely I told them yes. Later they asked me whether I can lead them but I told them I was fearing, so police officers told me they will give me money, protect me and rent for me a place in kumi town, for I accepted to lead the police and I remember the name of the commander he was called Afande Agama. They made me to wait up to midnight that is when we went to arrest Okello.
So in process of arresting Okello they got him with my cousin brother Okaimon with some other people a motorcycle, whose owner was shot after which police officers told me to go to our home and I go the next day to them, when I went to police, police officers told me to go back home they will not release Okello, that day is when my suffering begun, I had no transport back home but I decide to go back to Mr. Ismael Orot who helped me with money for going back.
When I reached to our village okellos and Okaimons relatives wanted to burn our home and kill me, so I decided to go and stay in my grandmother’s home in the same sub- county.

After 3 months Okello and his entire group was released understand they sold 10 bulls in order for him to come out of police. For sure Okello and Okaimon begun to tress me but some people alerted me and I decided to run a way to Kampala and accidently I settled my life in mukono sleeping in the streets with miserable life with no help. One day I went to mukono police stationed but I was told to go back to my home district.
In a year 2009 Okello and Okaimon went to a nearby village called Apasak in Ongino sub- county to steal some village man who had a shop. Understand Okello sent Okaimon inside of the shop to raid but in the process the owner turfed and beat Okaimon from inside and Okello was outside with the gun. So Okaimon decided to pass the other way out of house and went running to Okello but Okello thought it was a different guy and he shoot Okaimon but he did not die at that time so the boy cried out to him, tried to carry him but many people gathered which made Okello to leave him but before Okaimon was killed he released the whole secret out. Okello now is a wild man who even comes to their village some times. He came to bury his mother at night when he was putting on lady’s clothes and also decide to come and bury his father without fearing and understand was asking my where a bout. Up to date Okello is not caught by any one.
In a year 2010, someone took me to work in a factory and I used to work at night. That one gave me a chance of starting my A level in term two. I could go work at night and go to school (Paul mukasa) during day time and 2011 I sat my final exam but with a date of 200,000 and the school did not give me my resuls. I did PCM flat and I scored B in mathematics, D in physics and O in chemistry. In 2005 I was given work of being a warden at paul mukasa and I have been paid 100,000 as salary but the used to cut 50,000 every moths for the date I had and finally I have settled it.
I have moved to offices but no one was able to help me out. I can’t go to my village because I will be a dead body and not even to see my poor parents. Our home has no hope because my parents are now old helpless, desperate, beggars and those once I can’t explain.
This is how I feel about my life:
 Am refugee in my own country
 Gambler in life
 A burden to others
 A person who can’t achieve his dreams
 No home.
 Useless
For sure one member of parliament Honorable Ismael Orot is a ware of this and he is my witness.
The two dead bodies were all buried in their villages and i know.
up to now I cant go to my village because Okello is now wild and he is waiting for me.
I will be grateful if i will be helped and directed.

Yours faithfully,


Dear Uganda Human Rights Commission,
i would like to know why my request has not been responded

Yours faithfully,